Reliving Nineteenth Century with the Lightstation’s Keeper: Cape Otway

With stunning views of the vast ocean, vibrant green landscapes and thriving wildlife, Cape Otway has a lot up its sleeve to offer a seeker and a traveller. 

As I stepped onto the trail leading to Cape Otway Lighthouse, it already felt as if I had embarked on a voyage through time, following in the footsteps of the brave souls who tended this beacon of light in the 1800s. There was a model shipwreck on display at the entrance that signalled the wonders I could experience down the trail. 

As I went further down I could see the magnificent beacon of hope far off in the distance, as if beckoning all its visitors on land to explore the stories of thousands of lost travellers at sea it has brought home.

I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in the bygone era and discover the enchantment that lies within the heart of Cape Otway.

A Visit to the Dinosaurs!

When I had entered the premises of the lightstation, I did know that I would be paying a visit to history, but I didn’t know that this would be that far back in time! I came across a little establishment on the trail which was the Dinosaur Hut. Curiosity got the best of me. I went in to check it out quickly.

I witnessed dinosaur fossil replicas and bones that were quite impressive. You could tell the details were quite perfectly preserved through the ages.

It’s interesting that the excavations are still ongoing and people come across new findings every now and then at the active sites in the coves nearby.

The Life of a Lightstation Keeper

As I went further ahead along the trail on that pleasantly cloudy, windy afternoon, I could see a Victorian establishment in the distance, which as I got to know soon after was the telegraph house, used to send all the important communication those days.

Stepping inside the structure, I was transported back in time, as the preserved quarters and artefacts showcased the daily life of the lightstation keepers who called this place home.

I immersed myself in the historical artefacts, tools of communication, ink pots, and even the flasks and containers used to keep different medicinal potions those days.

I learned about the remarkable lives of the lightstation keepers who dedicated their existence to guiding ships safely along this treacherous coastline. Their isolation from the outside world, the relentless weather conditions, and the unwavering responsibility they shouldered painted a vivid picture of their resilience and unwavering commitment. Walking in their footsteps, I couldn’t help but feel a profound respect for these unsung heroes of the sea.

Unveiling the Lighthouse’s Past

After the telegraph house, I continued on the path to finally reach the structure that is of course the highlight of this whole trail. The moment I arrived at Cape Otway Lighthouse, a sense of history washed over me. The towering structure, with its sturdy stone walls and iconic red lantern, stood as a testament to the craftsmanship of the 19th century.

Sunset Vigil

The view of the Southern ocean was just too remarkable to put into words. The winds on top felt powerful enough to carry me away!

Climbing to the top, I imagined standing alongside the keepers, keeping a watchful eye on the horizon. The sweeping panoramic views revealed the majesty of the ocean, while the setting sun painted the sky in a kaleidoscope of colours. It was a moment of reflection and gratitude, paying homage to the keepers who once stood in the same spot, faithfully tending to their lighthouse.

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