The Breathtaking Canyon Trail

Nestled within the enchanted landscapes of Lorne, Australia, amidst Henderson, Phantom and Won Wondah waterfalls, hides the Canyon trail! And, she is not to be missed!

Arriving at the Sheoak picnic area, approx. 2hrs from Melbourne CBD on a sunny Sunday, I was surprised to see a large parking area with only 3-4 cars parked.

The picnic area was well shaded by giant Eucalyptus trees and surrounded by dense forest. It was a large space with plenty of room for lots of people with barbecues, shelters and facilities.

The signage quite poor left me looking around and wondering if I should leave and enjoy a day by Lorne beach? My backpack, curiosity and hiking shoes however, thought we should explore as the Canyon trail had been referred by a fellow hiking buddy.

The trail began with a gentle incline, leading deeper into the forest. Sunlight filtering through the canopies above as the trail twisted its way from rugged terrain into luscious ferns.

The scent of rainforest dew and sounds of bird life intensified as the path continually changed.

From crossing babbling streams, to stepping on bouldering rocks, my senses heightened unsure what we would come across next, as the sound of a waterfall continued to intensify.

Stopping to embrace the diverse geological landscape, showcasing the unique formations sculpted by centuries of erosion, I found myself completely mesmerised.

Moss, ancient ferns, wildflowers all taking refuge in the crevices and cracks of these rocks, while birds and small mammals had made their homes amidst the sheltered nooks and crannies.

From sighting kookaburras, wallabies, and many other different bird species, to crossing creeks, and looking at waterfalls. This spot was truly unique and is definitely one of my favourite trails to date.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual adventurer, exploring this trail promises incredible diversity and really showcases Australia’s flora and fauna beauty.

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