Exploring Red Bluff Sea Cliffs: a Scenic Adventure

We had a blast last Saturday! Joined by a friend, we set off on the Red Bluff Sea Cliffs walk, starting from the car park near Hampton Beach.

The weather was perfect — sunny and warm.

Walking on the beach was tough with the soft sand, but it added to the adventure. After about an hour, we made it to the cliffs, which were pretty cool.

Red Bluff Sea Cliffs
Red Bluff Sea Cliffs

The Red Bluff Sea Cliffs are such a neat spot, offering a really interesting landscape. We felt like adventurers as we wandered through.

A highlight was spotting the sunken ship HMVS Cerberus at Black Rock, a super cool piece of history.

HMVS Cerberus

On the way back, we took a different path, turning back at the Half Moon Bay Sailing Club. Instead of the Bay trail, we strolled along an unnamed trail by the bushes, which gave us awesome views of the bay and even a glimpse of the Melbourne City skyline in the distance.

We covered a total of 9 km in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was an awesome walk, and we’d totally recommend it for anyone looking for a fun outing in nature!

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