A Coastal Odyssey: My Adventure to the 12 Apostles

I recently checked a major item off my bucket list – a trek to the iconic 12 Apostles along the mesmerising Great Ocean Road. Strap in for the ride as I spill the details of this coastal escapade that left me in absolute awe. Spoiler alert: nature’s wonders are even more breathtaking up close!

Chapter 1: The Road Less Travelled

Kicking things off, the drive along the Great Ocean Road starting from Melbourne was a journey in itself. The wind in my hair, the rhythmic waves crashing against the shore, and the twists and turns of the road set the perfect stage for the adventure that awaited me. I might have stopped at every scenic lookout – who could blame me?

Heading west out of Melbourne towards the Twelve Apostles, your journey will lead you across the West Gate Bridge and onto Princes Highway in the direction of Geelong. As you approach Geelong, a choice awaits – you can opt for the inland route towards Colac or set your course for Torquay.

Opting for the Torquay route treats you to a picturesque drive along the Great Ocean Road. This scenic choice guides you past some of Victoria’s most stunning beaches, dramatic coastal cliffs, lush rainforests, and delightful seaside towns. On the other hand, if you go for the inland option, be prepared for a landscape dominated by an incessant sight of farms.

Chapter 2: The First Glimpse

And then, there they were – the magnificent 12 Apostles! Standing tall against the relentless ocean, these limestone stacks seemed like sentinels guarding the secrets of the Southern Ocean. The feeling of seeing them for the first time is hard to put into words – it’s like witnessing a masterpiece crafted by nature.

Fun fact: The name Twelve Apostles was given to them, you guessed it, for tourism purposes. The number has varied over time due to ongoing erosion. Starting with nine rock stacks at the beginning of the 21st century, now eight stacks remain.

Chapter 3: A Stroll Along the Clifftops

Deciding to get up close and personal, I took a stroll along the clifftops. Don’t forget to make use of the walkways as much as possible, as these help you get some of the best views of the apostles, making it possible to even get quite close to some of them!

The sheer force of the wind, the sound of the waves below, and the panoramic views made it a sensory overload. It felt like being on the edge of the world, with nothing but the vastness of the ocean stretching out in front of me.

Chapter 4: Sunset Magic

When the sun was about to go down, I planted myself at a prime spot to catch the sunset over the Apostles. Let me tell you, watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting a warm glow on these majestic formations, was nothing short of magic. The colours danced across the sky, and for a moment, time stood still.

Chapter 5: The Night Sky’s Symphony

Not one to call it a night too early, I stuck around to witness the stars come out to play. Away from city lights, the night sky was a canvas of twinkling wonders. I didn’t expect to have the company of a few fellow hikers and visitors joining me to experience that as well. The sound of the ocean below and the sight of the Milky Way above – it was a symphony for the senses.

Nature’s Grand Finale

As I left the 12 Apostles behind, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. Nature, in all its glory, had put on a grand show. The rugged coastline, the towering stacks, the sunset, and the starlit sky – it was a reminder that sometimes, the best adventures are the ones written by the earth itself.

Note: If you have some more time to spare, consider staying overnight along the Great Ocean Road. A night’s stay not only breaks up your journey but also prevents driving during the risky twilight hours. There are numerous lodging choices in towns like Port Campbell and Lorne, offering an opportunity to make the most of your additional time.

Distance from Melbourne: 275-285 km

Distance from the nearest town Port Campbell: 10 km

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