Mount Abrupt

Just 6 kilometers from Dunkeld, Mount Abrupt proved to be a thrilling challenge for our Sunday hike. The Grampians has always been our go-to for weekend getaways, with its picturesque views and amazing hikes. We were no strangers to the mountains, having already accomplished the nearby Piccaninny.

Mount Abrupt truly lives up to its name on this 6.3km hike. A flat start of roughly 800 meters quickly becomes a steep climb, offering a challenge that’ll keep you on your toes. The hike may be tough, but the scenery that surrounds you constantly changes and is nothing short of stunning – it’ll make it all worth it in the end.

The view from the top of the summit is unparalleled, showcasing the vastness of nature at its most stunning. From the peak, the Grampians can be seen clearly aswell as surrounding towns and farmland.

We stopped at the summit for lunch and spoke to some other hikers, all of whom were friendly and up for a chat.

When braving Mount Abrupt, don’t forget to pack some delicious treats to munch on or enjoy a hearty lunch. To fully appreciate the journey, it’s crucial to take your time and relish each moment. Our trek lasted around 3 hours, and we made sure to bring sandwiches, tea and water.

The Grampians is a nature lover’s dream, where beauty and adventure await at every turn. Mount Abrupt is the perfect embodiment of this charm, offering a unique blend of heights and nature’s awe-inspiring beauty, while also being a challenging climb. It is a destination that appeals to everyone, from seasoned hikers to beginners, and has a special place for those looking for a wilderness retreat. It’s an experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression as you traverse the wild terrain of the Grampians. Mount Abrupt is a must-visit for anyone looking to connect with Western Victorias vast landscape.

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