Scotchmans Creek Trail

A trail goes through many of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs in the Monash City Council. The trail is NOT a loop and the good thing about that is one can pick any start point along the trail and out east towards Chadstone Shopping Centre or out west to Forster Road. There is no set beginning and no set ending, providing the walker or hiker the option to do a really short walk or connect to Gardiner’s Creek Trail which goes all the way to the city.

Regulars on this trail live somewhere along it. I am one of these regulars and have doing this trail or sections of it for the last 5 to 6 years. It kept me sane during the Covid years and there is always something new to discover even after all these years. For me this walk is also a walk down memory lane.

Difficulty – Medium to Easy

It’s a relatively flat, paved, shared path for walkers and cyclists with plenty of benches along the way. There are some slopes and valleys but nothing too difficult. Just prior to this blog post, I was on a break after having my second child. The preparation for this post had me rediscovering the trail, with my baby on tow in the pram. I thought to myself that this would be a good exercise to get back in shape after having baby. The benches came in handy when baby girl cries out in hunger or when I check her nappy to find a massive poo explosion.

One of the benches where I feed my little one and change her nappy.

Autumn on this walk is beautiful, the deciduous trees were a beautiful yellow.

It is also pets and kid friendly with a few playgrounds that can be looked up on Google Maps such as Scotchmans Creek Playground, Brickmakers Park and Drummond Street Playground to name a few.

Scotchmans Creek Trail Playground.

Exercise Equipment and Facilities

There is an abundance of exercise equipment and other facilities for use: balance logs, chin up bars, water fountains and even a bicycle repair station.

Back in 2018, I used this trail to train for a 50km bicycle ride. Since the trail was a straight line, I made up a longer route for myself that allows me to train for the fundraising event I signed up for.

Skink Link Project

A population of the Southern Water Skink (Eulamprus tympanum) lives along the Scotchmans Creek. The local skink is the Southern Water Skink which grows to about 25cm long and is golden brown with black flecks on the back and tail, and black with golden flecks on its sides.

Informative signboards narrating the project can be found along the path. Unfortunately, I am no good at spotting them. The only one time I’ve seen one was when I bumped into a neighbour and she pointed one out to me. It was really cute! For more information, head onto the council’s website for the project: Skink Link Project | City of Monash

Other wildlife

The Huntingdale Wetlands allows for birdwatching. I sat on a large log to feed my baby girl, close to nature, in the warm sunshine… and I lucky to spot a kookaburra!

Can you spot the kookaburra in this photo?

If you aren’t in a rush to do the trail for exercise, look out for mushrooms.

Do you know what mushrooms are these? Not me, no idea.

The Council’s Trail Directions

The Monash City Council has a PDF document for a trail which you could use: scotchmans-creek-trail-map.pdf ( I used it to help make a little loop to extend my weekly walk and to add some scenic views.

I especially love Scotchmans Run Reserve Lookout, number 8 on the PDF link. I was totally clueless when I did the walk and did not read it prior to my walk for this blog. All I saw on Google maps was that it was a lookout point and thought to myself “Let’s check it out. It goes uphill so some exercise would benefit me”. To my surprise, I was well rewarded with what became my new favourite spot.

My favourite spot

I’ve made it a point to get to this point three times a week.

View of Melbourne City Skyline

Absolutely stunning view with the thoughtfully cut trees framing Melbourne City’s skyline to end my blog post.

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