Tower Hill Nature Reserve


I recently visited Tower Hill Nature reserve to explore the unique geological formations, hopefully spot some wildlife and make claim to the fact I had bushwalked in a dormant volcano! Myself and some friends picked the Wagon Bay Loop which didn’t disappoint. The entire reserve sits in a volcanic crater, making it a fascinating area, regardless of what hiking route you choose to complete!

The Wagon Bay Loop is a 1.5-kilometre trail that takes you on a journey around the tranquil waters of Wagon Bay pond. The trail is graded as easy difficulty and takes approximately half an hour to complete. The loop is well signposted, and there are informative signs along the way that provide details about the flora and fauna that call the reserve home.


As soon as I stepped onto the trail, I was greeted by beautiful views on the surrounding wetlands. It had recently rained which made the landscape lush and the air sweet; perfect bushwalking conditions. Black Swans, ducks and spoonbills were visible on the pond throughout, hiding in reeds and skimming across the water.

As I continued along the trail, I was amazed by the variety of vegetation and the diversity of wildlife that surrounded me. As always when bushwalking, I kept a lookout for the local snake population. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is home to several species of snakes, one of which I was lucky enough to spot (at a safe distance) curled up on the grass verge. Spotting a beautiful copperhead snake was a first for me, it slithered away before I was able to snap a photo! I did however, get a photo of a cute blue-tongued skink which was basking in the sun on the path in front of me!

Blue-tongued Skink

I completed the loop in just over half an hour, then headed to the picnic area by the Visitors Centre for a picnic lunch. On our way to the picnic area, we caught a glimpse of feathers and a flash of blue… before I knew it we were face-to-face with a pair of emus!


The big, beautiful birds walked rather prehistorically around the picnic area, likely trying their luck at a snack! There are many signs in the area warning visitors against feeding the birds – I wouldn’t help but assume the birds were regulars at the picnic spot! 

Even though we had finished the trail, we were still in store for another surprise… we were lucky enough to spot a koala high in a eucalyptus tree, munching on some leaves. It was an incredible experience to witness not only a wild koala (which never gets old) but one that was awake!


Koalas sleep for around 20 hours a day, so we were really stoked to have this experience.


The Tower Hill Nature Reserve completely surpassed my expectations, the bush walk we chose was on the easier side but still so rewarding with great views and wildlife encounters. A visit to the reserve is a must-do for anyone looking for something a little different and a lot interesting!

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