Plenty River Trail

We went for a short walk on Sunday. Even though we live in the area for about 18 years we never walked to the northern end of the Plenty River Trail.

We started from a car park at Calparrin Avenue near Greensborough Plaza.

The wide track consisted of concrete slabs. There was an alternative earthy narrow trail next to it.

Rocky bank of the Plenty River

This trail is dog-friendly. We saw just one dog on our walk.

Great view at the river

You can see trees planted recently.

We walked 6.9 km total. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This is not a trail that you would drive more than an hour to go to but if you live in Greensborough, Watsonia North, Briar Hill or nearby it’s a great walk in nature.

This walk on Trail Navigator Victoria: Plenty River Trail

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