Heidelberg to Templestowe

We’ve been on Main Yarra Trail many times before but we decided to take a walk from Heidelberg to Templestowe again. It was a nice Sunday afternoon and the starting point in Warringal Parklands was just a 10 minute drive from us.

Main Yarra Trail

We saw trace of the recent flood – mud on the trail and dirty grass. Fortunately all bridges have not been damaged.

Dry gum tree
Ruffey Trail Suspension bridge over Yarra River

We reached Westerfolds Park after about one hour of walking.

Westerfolds Park

Manor House was just 10 minutes away but we’ve seen it before and decided to turn back.

It’s a great urban walk with picturesque landscape and nice views over Yarra River. It took us 2 hours of brisk walking.

This walk on Trail Navigator Victoria: Heidelberg to Templestowe

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