Gresswell Forest

It was a nice Sunday afternoon and we wanted to go for a walk. Gresswell Forest in Bundoora was within walking distance and we decided to go there.

It took us about 20 minutes to reach one of the side entrances.

We saw 2 shelters made of branches. Not sure who made them and why. Perhaps for a scout activity?


The trails are wide and well formed, mostly flat.

You can see houses when you are close to the edge of the reserve but in the middle you feel like you are in a real forest.

We didn’t see any kangaroos this time.


This tree has fallen but branches keep growing up as small trees:

We made a loop in the reserve (about 40 minutes) but didn’t go to the Habitat Link.

We are so lucky to be able to go for a walk in nature without driving or taking public transport. Greswell Forest is a nice place to visit if you live nearby.

This walk on Trail Navigator Victoria: Gresswell Forest

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